Damaged Pearls

Last year my mother came across a huge sale that was every shopper’s dream.  Jewelry-specifically pearl necklace and earring sets-were marked down over 70% off.  The clearance price was so cheap you’d literally think you were getting those little plastic costume pearls in the local store.  The bargain was a steal, and like any good shopper, my mom decided to take advantage of the rare price drop and buy pearl sets for me, my grandmother, and herself for Christmas.

We picked them up at the store and opened the box for inspection.  To our dismay, the majority of pearls on the necklace were of poor quality.  Many were dented in.  Some were misshapen.  A few had an off-color about them.

Because the price was so good, we decided to keep them and at least try them out before returning.  We took them home and brought my grandmother’s set to her house, but because the pearls were of poor quality, she had us take her set back for a refund.

When we returned home, my mom was debating on whether to take ours back or not.  But after examining the pearls, we came to the realization that just because they had a few flaws didn’t mean they weren’t beautiful.  From a distance, you couldn’t tell the pearls were damaged and they looked like any other necklace.  And even when you looked closely upon them, seeing the dents and awkward shapes and sizes, it became clear that the flaws and awkward parts of the pearls were what made them unique, and in many ways, beautiful.

Sometimes when we look at ourselves, we only see our “flaws”.  Maybe we think we’re too big or too small.  Maybe we think our face is full of acne or our hair is too frizzy.  Maybe our bodies just don’t look like the way we want them to.  But like the “damaged” pearls, we can still be beautiful despite our flaws.  Flaws are something we all have (regardless of what Hollywood culture seems to portray), and for many, those flaws are only noticeable when we look for them.  Sometimes the flaws are noticeable (I know no matter how much makeup I wear, the acne can still show!), but despite that, we are still beautiful.  And like my “damaged” pearls, sometimes our flaws may not be flaws at all, but something that adds a unique beauty to us.  Depending on how we see it, our flaws can also give us a mighty strength to do something great or help others in similar situations.

I’ve had my pearls for a year now, and even though they aren’t “perfect” or “flawless”, they have become my favorite piece of jewelry.  I’m not much of a jewelry person, but any time I have a special occasion, I wear my pearls.  And despite what they look like, others have loved them, too.  Because when I wear my pearls, most people don’t look at the dents or the color or the sizes.  They just see a pearl necklace and a smiling person who’s wearing it.  Some may say my pearls are flawed, but to me…

They’re fabulous.

A couple of notes before I end this post:

  • If you could keep my grandfather in your thoughts and prayers, I would appreciate it.  He had a heart attack this morning, and though he is in good spirits and is being treated by doctors, we still are unsure of what’s ahead in recovery or whether open heart surgery will be needed.
  • I’d also like to give a big thank you to everyone who has bought my book, “The Ripple Affair”.  I welcome reviews on my book and would love to see some more reviews on Amazon!  Thank you to everyone who has been so supportive of my first novel’s release.  The second book, “Reign of Change”, will be published *very* soon, so you won’t be stuck with the cliffhanger ending on “The Ripple Affair” for long.  😉

Thanks, everyone, and have a wonderful weekend!