A Girl’s Best Friend: A Concrete Poem

Good evening, everyone!

Today’s poem (a concrete poem with the prompt of “animals”) is an ode to my childhood best friend.  When I was five, my next door neighbor had a dog who *loved* to play catch.  He had a small blue ball (chewed up quite well after years of usage) that he loved to have me throw to him every day.  When I came home from school, or when I played outside during the summer, I would skip over to the fence where my doggy friend sat waiting with the blue ball.  He dug a hole underneath the fence where he would push the ball to me so I could pick it up and throw it.  We had some fun times together, and so today’s poem is my hope of what he was thinking when playing catch with me.

A Girl’s Best Friend

Dig, dig, dig! 
 A sniff of the air.  Paws in
the dirt and wind in my hair.  I wait
 and I watch as the sun shines high, my 
 treasure at the ready, the fence nearby.  The 
door is ahead and open it swings, my girl skipping
happily as her tiny voice sings.  She calls my name,
approaching the fence, and I bark out some words (do they
really make sense?)  Dig, dig, dig!  I nudge the treasure
through.  She reaches her hand forward and pets my nose
too.  She picks up my treasure and I jump up in joy!
She throws and I chase to the sound of "Good
boy!"  Dig!  Dig!  Dig!  Will I leave my   
girl? Never!  Best friends we will  
be, both now and forever.

Tune in tomorrow for tomorrow’s poem- an elegy with the topic of “fog”!