With Sound, My Fingers Dance: A Prose Poem

I have a few confessions to make.

One, today’s type of poem – prose poetry – is probably the most difficult for me to write.  I keep wanting to go in fiction-writing-mode (which is typically how I write creatively), and to add the rhythm of poetry to what I want to turn into a story is very, very difficult.

Two, today’s topic – fingers – threw me off.  What can you say about fingers aside from the obvious (they point at things…they’re extensions of our hands…)?  But then I got to thinking on what I use my fingers for.  Often times they are used to help me write by typing or they play a song by hitting keys on a piano.

So that brings me up to the poem.  It’s rather short as I didn’t have as much time I wanted to in creating it, but it is about playing the piano with my fingers and the beauty that music brings.  Unfortunately this one doesn’t rhyme, but I tried to make it artsy.  Enjoy and stay tuned for tomorrow’s poem, an ode!

With Sound, My Fingers Dance

Black and white keys within my sight.  My fingers tremble bearing down.  Sounds flow through the music within me.  Allegro!  Allegrissimo! Up and down my fingers doth dance to the sound of rhythms singing.  I’m spiraled to a world of peace, wings spread wide as I fly across land.  Oh spirit, rise and elevate, as the music lifts mind and heart.

Like water on the shores of home, my music takes me back in time.  With each note played comes memory; each scene becomes reality.  As my fingers dance with rhythm, I’m transported to a world full of life, color, and fantasy, where troubles disappear in mist.  All hurt is gone and peace is left – I am free to dance with music!