Tomorrow: A Sonnet

Happy Friday, everyone!

Tonight’s poem is a sonnet on the topic of “the future”.  As much as I’ve had to read and write poetry back in school, would you believe the sonnet was one I never had to write before?  (We did a lot of haiku and prose poetry, but never any sonnets or found poems.)  Anyways, I was *very* nervous about writing a sonnet and took a bit of time to research what exactly it entails.  I’m still unsure if I got it right, but hopefully it’s enjoyable regardless.  🙂  (Also…confession time.  I know I was supposed to use chiasmus in this poem, and I forgot.  I was too busy making banana chocolate chip bread and I had my mind on food and food on my mind.  Oops.)

Today is also the last day of the poetry class I’ve been enrolled in and I must say I’ve really enjoyed it.  I went from hating poetry to loving it and I’m sure you’ll find me posting more poems here in the future (maybe a sequel to “Ode to Yoga Pants”?)  Thank you to all who have been so supportive in reading my poetry and also a big thanks to Blogging U. and everyone involved in the Writing 201 course.  You all are awesome!

So onward to “Tomorrow”…


Sometimes I lie awake at night

wondering what lies ahead.

Tossing, turning on my bed

until the evening turns to light.

If only I had future-sight

so my worries could be shed.

Hope is what I need instead 

to keep my destiny in sight.

What the future days may hold,

I might not be able to see,

but in my hope, I must stay bold

to live quite happily.

Tomorrow’s future is untold.

What happens next?  We’ll see.