A Reason to Write

Today is my first day in the Writing 101 course from Blogging U, and the topic at hand asks a very thorough question: “Why do I write?”

To be honest, I never really thought much about why I write.  The how and the what seemed more important.  But just like anything else we do in our lives, there’s always a reason behind it, and today’s topic forces me to go beyond the how and the what to look at the why

I guess it all goes back to childhood.  I grew up surrounded by books.  Most toys were a luxury that were tough to afford, but I remember my mom working hard to buy me books because she knew they were important to my education (she also knew that I loved them much more than dolls, so shopping was easy!)  Within the books were stories that would send me to different worlds and time periods.  Through reading, I was able to solve mysteries and find treasures, travel to distant lands and talk with magical beings.   As I got older, I decided to try my hand at writing stories of my own, and thus a love of writing was born.

Though it sounds simple, writing stories always brings me back to the books I read as a kid.  I found such joy in them and learned about life from the characters I met.  Stories taught me about friendship, made me laugh and cry, and provided comfort whenever I was having a bad day.  Through writing, I’m able to give back what other authors gave me.  I write to share the lessons I’ve learned about life.  I write to bring out emotion or entertain.  I write to give understanding and hope when a conversation or listening ear might not be available.  For me, writing is a way to connect to others in a way I might never have been able to connect before.  I’ve never met the authors of the books I’ve read, yet their words inspired me and touched my life.  My hope, through my own writing, is that I can help others just as much as others have helped me.