An Interview with My Book Characters

In celebration of the soon-to-be-released “When Dreams Break” (Book 3 of “The Ripple Affair” series), instead of doing a typical preview post where I blab about what to expect, I thought I’d let my book characters do the talking this time.  After all, they’re the ones in the story, and who better to let you know what’s ahead than the people who have experienced it?  Below is a transcript of the conversation:

Erin: Good to see you all again, everyone, and thanks for stopping by to give this interview!  I know a lot of people are really excited about Book 3 of “The Ripple Affair” series.  What sort of previews can you give us?

Emmerich: (looks over to Edward) I think the beginning of Book 2 was better.

Edward: I’d have to disagree with that.  It was nice not to be the bad guy for once.  You on the other hand…

Antoinette:  (looks over to Edward) Are we really going to get into this now?  We’re supposed to be building up this story, not watching you two get into another cat fight.  Besides, we can’t give out spoilers.

Bernie: (puts away the popcorn)  Well, this is going to be boring.

Marcus: (rolls his eyes)  Something tells me you’ll make it interesting anyways.  You don’t have rotten egg sandwiches underneath our seats, do you?  Or did you just save that for me?

Bernie:  Uhm…

Erin:  Let’s get back on track.  Without giving away spoilers, what can readers expect in Book 3?

Emmerich: I think you’re really going to see the relationship between Antoinette and I change.  In Book 2, you got to see the beginnings of our romance.  Everything was about friendship, fun, and comfort.  In “When Dreams Break”, our relationship now includes a marriage.  Are we ready for it?  Is it really what we both want?  Is it something feasible given our circumstances?

Arnold: Especially when she’s supposed to be marrying me.

Emmerich:  Well, that’s up for her to decide.

Arnold: Is it?

Antoinette: No spoilers, Arnold!

Arnold: Ugh, you’re all so dull.  At least tell me we can talk about that one secret Emmerich has that –

Antoinette: NO SPOILERS!

Arnold: Fine, fine.  (looks to Malina)  Really, these people are so uptight all the time!  However do you manage to deal with it?

Erin: On that note, while we know part of the story concentrates on Emmerich and Antoinette’s relationship, there’s a lot going on in Audlin.  Care to give us a hint?

Edward: I’ve got a new baby.  He’s absolutely adorable and the highlight of my life right now.  He’s just learning to reach and grab things and I think he’s got smiling down to an art.

Malina: And while my husband is with the baby, I continue to do what I do best.  I’m more popular than ever with the people and everyone loves me!

Vacius: Except for that new character…

Edward: Wait, what?  There’s a new character?

Malina: (turns to Vacius, whispering) Darling, we’re not supposed to mention him yet.  Edward isn’t supposed to know!

Vacius: It’s not like I really wanted to know, either.

Edward: (turns to Marcus) Who are they talking about?

Marcus: I’m not sure.  (turns to Bernie) Maybe it’s another troublemaker causing chaos in the palace.

Bernie:  You are never going to let me forget that, are you?

Marcus: Not a chance.

Bernie: It’s not like you didn’t get back at me for it.

Marcus: I don’t think we’re supposed to talk about that yet.  That’s more of a Book 4 conversation.

Bernie:  Oh yeah!  That’s where we finally get some pages to be something other than background.

Edward: Am I the only one concerned there’s a new character that we know nothing about?

Malina: (sighs) Great.  Now I’m never going to hear the end of it.

Erin: Uhm…yeah.  So are there any fun facts about this book that you think the readers will enjoy?

Arnold: I’m in it.

Malina: Darling, please.  They read it because they love me.

Edward: (Clears this throat) I sing a song in this book.  It’s pretty silly, but I think the readers will enjoy it.

Antoinette: I know I certainly did.

Bernie: I do a big prank.  It causes chaos.  Basically, the book is me just being me.  (laughs)

Marcus: And of course, I get caught in the middle of it.

Emmerich: (looks to Arnold)  I’m not sure what I can say about this book except…the ending had one good part in it that I particularly enjoyed.

Arnold: (mumbles)  I’m sure you did.

Edward: I think I enjoyed that part rather well, too.

Bernie:  I didn’t get to see it.  Can you guys do a repeat in Book 4?

Arnold: NO.

Edward: I like the idea of an encore.

Arnold: OH NO YOU DON’T.  I am not about to get into that again!  I refuse to work under these conditions…

Bernie: I’ll grab the popcorn!

Erin: And on that note, thank you all for your time in promoting Book 3 of “The Ripple Affair” series, “When Dreams Break”.  We can’t wait to see what’s in store for all of you, and I’m sure you’ll leave everyone with plenty to talk about!  Until then, check out our book page here to find out more about the first two books in the series, “The Ripple Affair” and “Reign of Change“.  Thanks for joining us, everyone!