Today: A Poem

I was thinking the other day about how quickly time flies.  It seems like just yesterday that my days were filled with school, playing on the playground, and discovering new things, and that was (gasp) twenty years ago!  I used to laugh when people would tell me that time seemed to go faster with every year you gain, and now that I’m in adulthood and getting older, I’m realizing how true that statement is.

Pretty soon, I’ll be in my 40’s…then 50’s…then 60’s.  In a blink I’ll be in my 80’s.

Then I’ll be looking back on the days I’m living now and go, “Wow…time flies by so fast.”

I think there’s a lesson in that, and too often we let it go ignored.

As I was thinking about how I spend my time, I was inspired to write a poem and had to write it down.  It really made me look back at the years I’ve had so far and wonder if my time was well spent or not.  Did I build relationships?  Love others?  Be kind and generous?  Or did I chase after frivolous and meaningless things?

Did I waste time, or did I use it wisely?  And how often do we ignore people or important things simply because “there’s not enough time”?


For the friend whose lips

That want you to listen…

There’s not enough time,

There’s not enough time.

For the lover’s eyes

That want yours to glisten…

There’s not enough time,

There’s not enought time.

For the kid whose hands

That want something to hold…

There’s not enough time,

There’s not enough time.

For the family’s heart

That begs warmth from cold…

There’s not enough time,

There’s not enough time.

The friend has drifted.

The lover’s moved on.

The kid is all grown.

The family’s gone.

The days are now passed.

Tomorrow’s today.

Time didn’t stand still

and nor will it stay.

How was it all spent?

In person?  Online?

Was there kindness?  Love?

Or something divine?

All that is left is

What’s yours and what’s mine.

But what can we do?

There is no more time.