Ode to the Finished Book

It took much longer than expected, but I’m happy to announce that “Heart of Deceit” is finally finished!  (You can get the paperback here and the Kindle version here.)  My apologies that it took so long to complete.  The past few years have been full of hospitals, doctor visits, and caregiving, so needless to say family has been taking a higher priority at the moment.  But despite that, I didn’t forget about you, dear readers, and I’m still writing away!

In celebration of “Heart of Deceit” and its release, I decided to write a poem that will hopefully give you a good laugh as it did me.  Being a writer is full of twists and turns, and at the end of a story’s ride, you can’t help but be happy that it’s finally finished so that others can enjoy it.  🙂

Ode to the Finished Book

I set about to write a book

That’d grab my readers with a hook

With characters who laugh and cry

And plot lines that make them go, “Why?”

With pen and ink, my mission set,

I wrote until my eyes were wet.

Computer glare became my foe

And editing had caused me woe.

But in the end, my story worked!

I may have done a happy twerk.

This story took so long to write,

I thought I’d never see the light!

But hard work does a story good,

And without it, it never would.

My book is done and now complete!

I will now celebrate this feat.

But not too long!  My story waits.

The next book surely can’t be late!