A Walk in Nature-A Photo Blog

After a particularly busy week, I found myself picking up my camera and going outside.  I wanted to get my mind off of things and have some fun, and since the weather had been mild lately (which is surprising since I live near Canada…we should be buried in snow right about now, ha), I figured a walk in nature would be just the thing to help me unwind.

If you’re feeling particularly stressed today, I hope these pictures soothe you as much as they soothed me.  And if they didn’t, I encourage you to take a moment and remember that rest is always important.  It’s easy to get caught up in the busyness of the day, but let’s not forget the importance of caring for ourselves.  We are only human and can only take so much, so be sure to take some time and enjoy life.  Notice the little things- you never know what creative inspiration you may find!