Weekly Update – 06/10/17

Hi all!  I bet you’ve been wondering where I’ve been.  🙂  Things have been pretty busy here lately, and with increased work hours, it’s been tough to find time to update the blog.  With summer here, however, I’d like to make some goals, and one of those is providing weekly updates on how the writing is going (or whatever else seems to be on my mind at the time, ha ha.)

I’m happy to say that Captain Patty and Veronica’s Vengeance is about four chapters away from completion!  I’m so excited to have this book finished and published so you can read it.  It’s by far my favorite book I’ve ever written and I can’t wait to share it with you!  Today’s writing will be wrapping up the action-packed ending and I hope to have the epilogue finished within the next few days.  Spoilers: the epilogue is going to reveal something big, and will definitely have some major repercussions going into Book 4!

As always, I will keep you posted on how everything goes and when the book will be published.  Keep watching the blog as there are some exciting promos coming up later this month!

Happy writing!  🙂


P.S.  In case your day needs something cute, here’s a picture of a little visitor I had a few days ago when eating breakfast. 🙂