Weekly Update – 06/24/17

Good afternoon, fellow readers!

I’m happy to announce that Captain Patty and Veronica’s Vengeance is finished!  It’s been a long road, but it’s finally made it to the editing stage.  I’m busy going through plot checks and getting feedback from my beta reader, but Book 3 is well on track for publication soon!  I’ve also gotten the initial designs for the cover and back of the book, and I’ll be sharing those as soon as they’re finalized!

In other writing news, I’m in the midst of writing Heir of Vengeance, Book 5 of The Ripple Affair Series.  It’s been a while since The Ripple Affair got some writing attention as Captain Patty has taken up most of my time.  I promise to give you updates as they come along, and I’m happy to say that we’re about 50 pages in to Heir of Vengeance!

Speaking of The Ripple Affair, I have some special deals this weekend that you can check out!  For this weekend, The Ripple Affair and Captain Patty and the Nameless Navigator are available for FREE on Kindle.  Be sure to take advantage of this special deal before the price goes back up!  Click here to download The Ripple Affair and click here to download Captain Patty and the Nameless Navigator.

I hope you all are having an amazing week!