Weekly Update – For the Writers with a Second Job

I don’t know about you, but being a writer is hard work.

It’s even harder when you’re working another job on top of writing books.

Whether it’s volunteer or paid, working in other areas besides writing can make things difficult.  It’s hard to find time to write.  It’s hard to get a clear head primed for creativity when the day’s stressors aren’t over yet.  It’s hard to get as much done as you could have if you had more hours in the day.

And if you don’t meet your goals, it’s easy to feel guilty or feel like you’re not a good enough writer.

So what are some things one might keep in mind as they work other jobs and write?  Here are a few that help me:

  1. Realize you’re not alone.  There are plenty of other writers (and singers…and actors…and painters…and people in hundreds of other professions) who work multiple jobs, too.  The struggle is real, and we understand it.
  2. Don’t beat yourself up.  It’s not easy trying to juggle multiple tasks while getting things done on time.  Cut yourself some slack and don’t forget to practice self-care.  Be good to yourself because you’re worth it.
  3. Use your other experiences to help with your creativity.  You never know when you’ll be inspired.  Creativity can hit in the most unexpected places, and the experiences you build in areas outside of books will only help further your artistry.
  4. Enjoy your other line of work.  Even if it’s volunteering, there’s nothing wrong with having an interest outside of writing.  For me, it’s volunteering at my church.  For others, it may be helping rescue animals or serving the homeless or mentoring youth.  Whatever you do, learn to enjoy the moment.

Grant it, there are many more things that could be said, and many writers do go on to devoting their time fully to their art.  That’s certainly not a bad thing, and I’m sure many of us who work other jobs would hope to do the same someday.  But if you find yourself having to work as you write, don’t get discouraged.  Keep writing!  You never know – your hard work may just pay off!