Heir of Vengeance is Almost Here!

Phew! It’s been a busy summer. Between work and family health issues, it’s been hard to find time to write and edit. But I have good news!

Heir of Vengeance, Book 5 of The Ripple Affair Series, is done with the major editing stage! Woohoo! I am sorry that it took so long, but I didn’t feel comfortable rushing the process and not giving you the best story I could give. There is a lot to unpack with this book, and some major questions are going to be answered.

The next process is cover design, final grammar checks, and publication. I contacted the cover design team yesterday and am awaiting the first draft. My goal is to have the book published within a month or two. As always, I will keep everyone posted on when it is available for purchase.

As for what to expect with Heir of Vengeance, I can offer a few hints:

  • The book is currently a little over 400 pages long. Definitely the longest yet!
  • Some MAJOR questions will be answered in this book, such as how Stephen “died” and how Edward was a part of it.
  • More flashbacks! We’ll get to see teenage versions of Edward and Stephen, as well as young Aldaric and Susanna!
  • We’ll get new characters besides Stephen, such as Calimus (Malina’s father) and his oldest daughter, Callida. We’ll also get to see which of the two girls is the most evil.

Once I get the finalized cover, I’ll be posting it on here for you all to see! Thanks for the patience in waiting for this book, and don’t worry- I’m still writing Captain Patty and Whalebone’s War.

Have a great and wonderful weekend!


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