Fun Things for the Weekend

Good evening, friends!

I promised a fun post for the weekend, and here it is!  In the Fun Stuff area of the website, you’ll notice a new name game has been added.  You can check it out here.  (I find it fitting Reuben would have a pirate ship named The Joyful Stink Pot.)

Also, if you haven’t checked the Latest News area, be sure to check it and download The Ripple Affair and  Captain Patty and the Nameless Navigator as they are FREE on Kindle from now until March 24.  You can see the announcement here.

As always, please continue to watch for updates on the website and on my social media pages.  I know it’s a tough time right now for a lot of people, so let’s continue to be kind, spread encouragement, and stay safe during this coronavirus pandemic.

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!



An Update (Sorry for the Wait!)

Greetings, readers!

I apologize for the long wait on news.  The last few months have been extremely difficult, as I lost my grandfather (who was like a father to me), a mentor, and a dear friend all within a few months of each other.  That, along with continued issues with chronic migraines, has slowed me down in the editing and writing process.  I’m happy to report that Heir of Vengeance has went through two rounds of editing and changes and is nearing its completion, and I’m hoping to have it released within the next few months.  Book 6 of The Ripple Affair Series is also being worked on, and I’m super excited for you to finally find out what a certain surprise character has been up to for all these years (I’ll give you a hint: it’s the big reveal at the end of Heart of Deceit.)  As for Captain Patty, the fourth (and final) book of the series is half-finished, and I’m hoping to complete and publish it by the end of this year.

Once again, I apologize for the wait.  People say, “When it rains, it pours,” and that was no lie.  It has truly been a difficult year for many of us, and with the current coronavirus pandemic happening around the globe, things seem to just be getting more difficult.  Despite all these hardships, though, I am encouraged by so many people who are living in the moment, keeping hope alive, and finding joy amidst all the sadness.  Humanity is truly a hardy group, and I know many of you will have some amazing stories to share or create in the days to come.

Be on the lookout for a fun post and a surprise within the next few days here at  🙂  To all my readers, thank you for your patience, and please know that you are all in my thoughts and prayers as we weather this pandemic storm together.

Stay safe and healthy, friends!


Book Cover Reveal and Updates

Good morning, dear readers – I have some exciting news to share!

Heir of Vengeance officially has a cover! I’m so happy with how it turned out. I hope you like it, too!

Please note that the Books-The Ripple Affair page has been updated with the cover info and back cover blurb to let you know what the story is about. Be warned, though – there are spoilers from Heart of Deceit in the blurb, so if you want to stay spoiler-free and haven’t read Heart of Deceit yet, just check out the cover and not the blurb. 😉

I’ve put in a request for a proof copy just to double check and make sure everything looks ready to go. After that is approved, it’s publication time! As always, I will update the website to let you know when it is published.

Thank you so much for all your patience. I know with all the things happening this year and last, it’s been a struggle for me to get things out fast, but I promise it’s worth the wait! This is the biggest book yet (over 400 pages!) and I want to make sure it’s ready before I put it out there.

As for Captain Patty and Whalebone’s War, I’m still writing it and it’s about a third of the way completed. I think you’re going to really enjoy Reuben in this book. He teams up with an unexpected friend and the results are hilarious!

Once again, thank you for all your patience, dear readers! Have a wonderful day!


Heir of Vengeance is Almost Here!

Phew! It’s been a busy summer. Between work and family health issues, it’s been hard to find time to write and edit. But I have good news!

Heir of Vengeance, Book 5 of The Ripple Affair Series, is done with the major editing stage! Woohoo! I am sorry that it took so long, but I didn’t feel comfortable rushing the process and not giving you the best story I could give. There is a lot to unpack with this book, and some major questions are going to be answered.

The next process is cover design, final grammar checks, and publication. I contacted the cover design team yesterday and am awaiting the first draft. My goal is to have the book published within a month or two. As always, I will keep everyone posted on when it is available for purchase.

As for what to expect with Heir of Vengeance, I can offer a few hints:

  • The book is currently a little over 400 pages long. Definitely the longest yet!
  • Some MAJOR questions will be answered in this book, such as how Stephen “died” and how Edward was a part of it.
  • More flashbacks! We’ll get to see teenage versions of Edward and Stephen, as well as young Aldaric and Susanna!
  • We’ll get new characters besides Stephen, such as Calimus (Malina’s father) and his oldest daughter, Callida. We’ll also get to see which of the two girls is the most evil.

Once I get the finalized cover, I’ll be posting it on here for you all to see! Thanks for the patience in waiting for this book, and don’t worry- I’m still writing Captain Patty and Whalebone’s War.

Have a great and wonderful weekend!


This entry was posted on August 24, 2019.

Books That Change Lives

A friend of mine posted on Facebook today about books that change your life. It’s no secret that we all have that special something that awakens a spark in us, and books are often the match that starts the flame. Her post got me thinking of the books I’ve read over the years and whether any of them have had an impact on me. It didn’t take long to think of which one did it, and it brought back a very fine memory.

When I was in my senior year of high school, I was loaded down with AP classes, student government, and prepping for university. There wasn’t much leisure time, and I was one of those teens that insisted on doing everything I could to make my transition to college easier. At the beginning of the school year, I was at the mall and heading out to go home, when I walked past a book store. There, on the front display, was a small shelf of copies of The Lord of the Rings with a cardboard advertisement from the upcoming movie.

It was 2001, so at the time, I hadn’t seen the movies yet. I knew nothing of The Lord of the Rings– in fact, I had never even heard of it! Despite reading tons of books growing up, my fiction was typically revolved around historical stories.

I stopped in my tracks, somehow drawn to the copy of The Fellowship of the Ring that was on display at the window. I can’t really tell you what drew me to it. The cover wasn’t anything fancy. But I felt like I had to see it. As strange as it sounds, I felt like I was meant to read that book.

I’m not one to do things on the whim, and when it comes to money, I don’t like to spend it on something I know I won’t use. But I knew I had to have it. I bought the book, went home, and started to read.

Now, I confess that I didn’t quite read a lot of it at first because homework took priority. Taking four AP classes, alongside a full high school schedule and volunteering, doesn’t leave you with much free time. Also, I may or may not have been going on a Sailor Moon binge at the time, lol! But when Christmas came and I got to see The Fellowship of the Ring movie, I was blown away. Immediately after seeing the film, I picked up the book and read it in a few days.

What followed was a thorough read-through of the trilogy, The Hobbit, and The Chronicles of Narnia (because you can’t read Tolkien without some C.S. Lewis in there, right?) But after reading The Fellowship of the Ring, a spark lit up inside me.

I wanted to write a story like Tolkien.

Characters like Frodo, Faramir, Eowyn, and Aragorn really resonated with me. All my years of reading books never transported me to a faraway world that made me want to live in it. To say that the stories changed my life and inspired me to be brave and kind is putting it mildly. I wanted to be just like the Hobbits and Elves and Dwarves and Men that I read about. And one day, I wanted to inspire other readers like Tolkien inspired me.

Grant it, my stories are nowhere near the level of Tolkien’s, and probably never will be, but there’s a special something about having your life impacted by such a small thing. Like the One Ring impacting Frodo’s life, Frodo’s story impacted mine (but in a good way). And now that I’m a writer, I hope my stories impact the lives of my readers as well.

Think about your favorite books or stories. What are the ones that have impacted your life?

Taking a Break

Hi everyone,

I have some bad news. My grandpa had a pretty bad stroke and has been in the hospital for almost 3 weeks now. With the stroke effects, he has been needing 24/7 care, and this will be the norm for a number of months, and possibly longer. I’m going to continue to try and find time to write and edit as much as I can, but for now, it’s going to be a little slow in getting new releases out. I am so sorry that health issues have been keeping my books on hold. It is difficult to write and edit when so much is going on and I am needed elsewhere. I will try my best to get the rest of The Adventures of Captain Patty and The Ripple Affair Series published as quickly as I can. In the meantime, please keep my family and I in your prayers during this difficult time, and especially keep my grandpa in your thoughts and prayers as he will have a long road to recovery.

Thanks so much for your patience! You truly are the best readers out there.


This entry was posted on February 21, 2019.

I’m Still Here

Wow…a lot of time has gone by since I last posted, hasn’t it? I really must apologize for the empty gap of information. I know I get frustrated waiting to hear from authors on book releases after a month, so I can only imagine how you feel!

2018 has been a year full of hospitals, doctor visits, and general busyness. As you remember back in January, my grandpa had surgery for melanoma (cancer) and had undergone a diagnosis. He was at a somewhat advanced stage of the disease, but thankfully qualified for treatment. The cancer was caught just before it was able to spread through the rest of his organs. After treatments, he is now officially in remission! He continues immunotherapy to keep it that way, and thankfully the side effects have been minimal.

As for myself, I’ve had my own adventures with doctors. After a long bout of neurological symptoms and headaches, I was finally sent to a neurologist to see what was causing my debilitating symptoms. I’m sorry to say this is the main reason my writing has slowed a bit, as there were some days I was so ill I could not get out of bed. After an MRI and EEG, the neurologist diagnosed me with chronic migraines. Even though it sounds simple, I was both relieved and disappointed with the diagnosis – relieved in the sense that I finally knew why I was getting so many strange symptoms of auras and headaches, but disappointed because it meant having to deal with a chronic health condition I did not want to deal with. Such is life, I suppose, but on the bright side it has taught me some valuable lessons in self-care and what to prioritize in my life so I can get my work done at a healthier pace.

Now that the holidays are here, I’m happy to say that things are finally starting to return to normal, and though my migraines still bother me, I’ve learned enough of my triggers and what treatments work to better manage my symptoms. And what happens when symptoms are managed? Writing!

Heir of Vengeance has one more chapter to go before the book is finished (I plan on writing it tomorrow, so here’s to finally getting it done!) It is (as of right now) the longest book in The Ripple Affair Series and begins the setup for the ending of the series. There will definitely be a Book Six, and possibly a Book Seven depending on how well my characters behave, and then the series will be finished. It’s hard to believe it’s almost done.

This will leave Heir of Vengeance with a 2019 release date. I’m hoping it will be available for purchase in the Spring. As always, I will keep you posted on my news page.

As for The Adventures of Captain Patty, fear not! Work has already begun on the fourth and final book of the series, Captain Patty and Whalebone’s War. I’m also aiming for a 2019 release, though once I get further into the story, I will have a better idea of when in 2019. And even though it’s the last book, don’t worry- I have a spin-off story planned! We’ll get to see what happens to the characters after the war with Willy Whalebone. More details will come on that later!

With 2018 coming to close, I want to thank all of you for your continued support, encouragement, and prayers. My goal for 2019 is to make up for the time lost in 2018- to publish more books, blog more, and branch out into more activities related to writing and story. I am so thankful that you all are continuing this writing journey with me; I can’t wait to see what the future holds!

May you all have a wonderful holiday season!