Quizzes – Captain Patty

Which character from “Captain Patty and the Nameless Navigator” are you?

  1. You’re the captain of your own ship!  What will you do on the Seven Seas?
    1. Chart unexplored territory.
    2. Find land as soon as possible.
    3. Go to all the places I’ve never been before.
    4. Patrol and keep the waters safe for the innocent.
    5. Pillage and plunder.
    6. Set up a merchant trade route.
    7. Go wherever the wind takes me.
  2. If you weren’t a sailor, what would you want to be?
    1. President
    2. Chef
    3. Detective
    4. Soldier
    5. Criminal
    6. CEO of my own company
    7. Doctor
  3. What’s the most important thing in life?
    1. Faith
    2. Fun
    3. Knowledge
    4. Family
    5. Justice
    6. Money
    7. Wisdom
  4. What sounds good for breakfast?
    1. Anything made out of chocolate.
    2. Ham, eggs, toast, bacon, fruit, bread, jam, pancakes…
    3. Fruit and cereal
    4. Toast
    5. A four course meal
    6. A home cooked meal made by my significant other
    7. Anything
  5. What is your greatest weakness?
    1. Desserts
    2. I talk too much.
    3. Fear
    4. I don’t trust anyone.
    5. Vengeance
    6. Money
    7. I keep too many secrets.
  6. You have some new crew members!  What do you do?
    1. Encourage them
    2. Make small talk
    3. Find out everything about them
    4. Keep a wary eye on them because they must be up to no good
    5. Put them to work
    6. Decide whether I like them or not when I meet them
    7. Help them in whatever way I can
  7. What is your greatest secret?
    1. I’m not who I say I am.
    2. I don’t like sailing.
    3. I know things about people that I shouldn’t know.
    4. I’ve lied about my past.
    5. I have no secrets.
    6. I carry a valuable treasure.
    7. I keep my secrets to myself.  I’ll never tell.
  8. Who are you most loyal to?
    1. My crew
    2. My mom
    3. My dad
    4. My kid(s)
    5. My significant other
    6. My work
    7. My friends
  9. You’re on summer break!  What do you do?
    1. Travel
    2. Party
    3. Go on a vacation
    4. Get a summer job
    5. Reminisce over my ex
    6. Set up a lemonade stand and make money
    7. Volunteer
  10. What’s the greatest thing about sailing?
    1. It makes me feel free.
    2. Nothing.  I’d rather be on land!
    3. Adventure
    4. Going to new places
    5. It makes me feel powerful.
    6. Profit
    7. It lets me get to places I want to go to.
  11. You’re stranded on an island and only have one item.  What is it?
    1. Dessert.  I’d starve without it!
    2. Nothing.  I totally forgot!
    3. My pet.  We can explore the island together!
    4. A cutlass.  You never know when pirates will attack!
    5. A map.  I need to find where I am and leave.
    6. Tools.  This island would make a fine trading post!
    7. Medicine.  I need to prevent sickness and infection.
  12. What were you known for in school?
    1. Being trendy
    2. Being the class clown
    3. Being smart
    4. Being a loner
    5. Being a bully
    6. Being a workaholic
    7. Being a good friend

Now add up how many A’s, B’s, C’s, D’s, E’s, F’s, and G’s you have.  The letter you have the most of is the character you’re most like!

Mostly A’s: You’re Captain Patty Peterson!  Stylish, friendly, and very fond of desserts (especially chocolate pies), you are a charismatic leader with both the brains and the brawn to get things done!  You love life on the sea and the freedom to explore new places.  There’s no challenge too great or too small that your confidence and wits won’t get you through!

Mostly B’s: You’re Reuben Gayle!  Funny, down-to-earth, and willing to eat all day, you are a sailor who’d much rather be on land where things are nice and steady.  Though you don’t shy away from adventure, you prefer a simple life full of friends, food, and peace.  You’re always willing to cheer someone up when they’re down and provide a listening ear, and you’re proud to love your mother and support her in everything she does!

Mostly C’s: You’re Samantha Wellington!  Smart, opinionated, and brave, you crave adventure and the chance to experience new things.  Though you’ve been sheltered and protected by a loving father, you’re not afraid to venture out on your own and live life to the fullest!

Mostly D’s: You’re Charles Wellington!  Though you are loyal to the ones you love and know well, you keep a wary eye on the people around you.  A difficult past has made you strong yet unable to trust, and you tend to judge by appearances and rumors before getting to know someone.  Despite this setback, you are a brave and caring soul, and once someone earns your trust, you will be the most faithful and loving friend they’ll ever have.

Mostly E’s: You’re Rudiger Bartleby!  Burned by tragedy, you hold on to the past as a means to make your future stronger.  Never one to forget an offense, you have a high sense of justice and often take matters into your own hands when things don’t go your way.  A leader through strength and power, you command respect and honor from those around you, and once you set your mind to a goal, nothing in the world will stop you from accomplishing it.

Mostly F’s: You’re Louis Guyon!  There are many things that are important in life, but you find running a business to be its greatest pleasure.  Fond of money and both making and spending it, you are proud of your accomplishments and seek to share it with those around you.  Though you can sometimes be judgmental, you are not immune to love, and those who call you friend will forever be at your side.

Mostly G’s: You’re Le Bateau!  Quiet, pensive, and full of secrets, you are not one to brag or boast about yourself.  Your life is dedicated to helping others, and the wisdom you’ve learned over the years have served you well.  You value honor and integrity, and no matter how bad life may seem, you never give up hope.





*Disclaimer: Please note that quizzes posted here are for fun and entertainment.  Answers are not reflective of a person’s actual personality and should not be interpreted as scientific analysis or fact.