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A Definition of Trust in Love: An Acrostic Poem

Today’s poem is an acrostic with the topic of “trust”.  I’ll admit this one gave me quite a bit of difficulty (probably because I tried to write it really late while I was tired.  Ugh…)  Anyways, the topic of trust was an interesting one as it can be pretty big for some people.  Who do you trust?  What do you trust?  Do you trust too little?  Do you trust too much?  There are instances where trust can be good or bad or a little bit of both.  But trying to stay on the positive side of things, I decided to concentrate my poem on where trust is a must (rhyme time!)  And where can trust blossom (or whither) the most?  Relationships!  So I started to ponder-what does trust look like when people are in love?  And then I put my pondering in a poem.

A Definition of Trust in Love

To give up your heart and

Rest in your mind.

Understand that your love is

So pure and not blind.

To laugh in your sadness and

Make sure that you stay

Emphatically faithful, playful, grateful…each and every day.

Happy Wednesday, everyone!  Check back tomorrow for another poem!