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What an Author Show is Like

Hey, everyone! Sorry it’s been a while since I’ve updated the blog. Things have been busy lately, but thankfully, Spring is here!

Yesterday, I had my first author show of the year. It was pretty busy (despite the cold weather), and I got to meet a lot of awesome people! This is my third time at this specific author show, and every year it seems like it gets better.

But what is an author show like? I can tell you from experience that each show is different. Some are successful, some aren’t, and some, well…it just depends on the day and who shows up. But after a few years of attending, there’s some things that I notice pretty regularly that happen…

1. Be prepared to network!

Some of the most helpful people I’ve met have been fellow authors who’ve attended these shows with me. Through these shows, I’ve gotten to make new friends, join author groups, and get a general feel for how the market is doing in other genres. Author shows are a great way to keep up with the times and meet new people, so don’t be afraid to say hello to the tables next to you!

2. You may be asked a lot of questions on how you became an author.

Yesterday was kind of funny. I hardly got any visitors who were readers! In fact, many of the people who said hello were inspiring authors themselves who were looking for advice on how to publish.

3. You might be disappointed if sales are low, but that doesn’t mean the show was a flop.

Every show is different. As said before, some shows do well while others don’t. But just because you might not sell well doesn’t mean the show isn’t a success. I once went to a show where I sold nothing, but I did get to meet a lady who liked my books…and eventually put me in a local magazine.

4. You might actually have fun.

Let the fans get to know you, but don’t be so worried about impressing people that you forget to have fun. Whether it’s through conversation, meeting new people, or posing your puppet parrot in different spots to see if they noticed (I might have done that yesterday), you can have a lot of fun!

I hope you all have a wonderful week!

Weekly Update – Craft Show Fun

Over the weekend I sold some of my books at a craft show.  It’s not the typical place you see authors set up, and truth be told, some do well and some don’t.  But if you decide to try selling your books at a craft show, what should you expect?  How many books should you bring?  Is it worth the booth rental fee?

Here are some things I’ve learned after a few years of doing craft shows (selling both books and crafts.)

  1. Do your research.  Visiting a craft show during show hours or talking to current show vendors is a great way to get a feel for how the show works.  You can see if other authors vendor there, see what a typical visitor count is, and whether the booth rental will be a good fit for you or your budget.
  2. Remember that not all shows are created equal.  If you decide to vendor at a show, remember that it’s not a guarantee that you’ll sell well.  I’ve been to some big shows where I only sold one book and small shows where I sold nearly my entire stock.  Weather, other area events, and just plain luck factor in to show success as well, too.  Some shows would be successful one year and disastrous the next, and vice versa.  The point is don’t get discouraged- you never know when success will come your way.
  3. Use your time at shows to network.  Meet potential readers.  Gain a following.  Make new friends with fellow authors and vendors.  I’ve even gotten some speaking engagements booked from people I’ve met there.  Craft shows are a great way to grow your brand.

Remember – craft shows aren’t for everyone.  But if you’re up for the challenge, they’re a great way to increase sales and make your name a little more known, especially in your local area.  

And a piece of advice – don’t forget to bring some spare cash, because chances are there’s going to be a few bake sales.  😉