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The Fog: An Elegy

Happy Friday, everyone!  Today’s poem is an elegy with the topic of “fog”.  As someone who tries to stay positive and happy, I was a little nervous about writing an elegy poem as they are typically associated with sad events.  That being said, I’ve found that good writing must learn to describe a variety of emotions, so just because I don’t want to write about sad stuff doesn’t mean I am off the hook on writing a sad poem!

Today’s poem is from the perspective of someone who has lost the love of her life and the grief that follows.  As a person of faith, I also prescribe to the notion that even after death there is the hope of seeing my loved ones again in Heaven.  Still, the loss of someone close may still bring pain and sadness despite that hope, as we can’t help but miss our loved ones when they are gone.

So here is “The Fog”.  Try not to feel too sad as happier posts will follow after the weekend!

The Fog

Mist so gray rises high to the clouds,

Forming a storm that threatens rain.

Water pours neither up nor down,

But lingers in the air of my pain.

Oh mist, so heavy, whose grip is thick!

Why must you stay and hurt me so?

If only my mind could be lost and forget

To farewell the one I wished not to go.

Mist so wide that covers all,

In time, will you ever go away?

I fight and I struggle, I weep and I mourn,

Wondering why my love couldn’t stay.

Oh mist that thins by grace of time

And memory that stretches far,

My love was taken and I am shaken,

But our life still holds no mar.

Mist that fades and withers now,

My strength won’t go away.

For a happy life and a life to come

Brings hope to me this day.

Oh mist that thinks it binds me so,

Even though my love did die,

He swims in a sea of stars I see,

Past the fog into the sky.