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IT IS FINISHED (finally…)

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I don’t know about you, but I feel like celebrating!

I’ve eaten enough chocolate over the past few days to make my scale cringe in horror when I step on it, but it’s all good.  You know why?  I finally, finally, finally got “When Dreams Break” published.  What was supposed to be a summer release turned into a fall release, and then into a winter release.  And now, after what seemed like ages of staring at my computer and developing a major case of eye strain, it’s finally done.

And frankly, I’m glad it’s over.

I used to think that writing was one of those jobs that always came easy when you put your mind to it, but this year taught me that it isn’t always the case.  Late 2014 and 2015 were times that really tried my endurance, patience, and faith.

Last Thanksgiving, my grandfather had a heart attack.

Last spring, my aunt had a heart attack and stroke.

Atop of that came caregiving, traveling to doctors and hospitals, and my own struggle with health as stomach troubles plagued my days.  So when it came to writing a big book like “When Dreams Break” (which almost hit the 400 page mark – a new record for me), the task seemed daunting.  I realized it’s not easy writing a book and then editing it when you’re tired, exhausted, and wanting nothing more than a tropical vacation.

(And yeah, I tried to get my doctor to write me a prescription for one.  Apparently insurances don’t cover long getaways or cruises.  Darn.)

And so, writing became a struggle.  Readers constantly asked me when Book 3 would be released, and I constantly had to change my answer.  “August,” I first replied.  Then it became September, and so on.  And each day I was asked, I’d go back home and work.  Some nights the writing would last into the morning hours.  Some days I had to take my work with me while I sat in the hospital waiting rooms.

But now, as people are on the mend and I’m starting to recuperate, I finally was able to finish what I started.  It surprised me, going back and reading the first drafts of Book 3 in just how slow my writing could be.  The stress showed in my work and it took a long while to get it out.  So my deepest apologies go out to you, my readers, for such a long wait for Book 3.  It is definitely worth it, as it promises a surprise ending (that may or may not have had my beta readers squeal in delight) and introduces a new character that rivals Malina in the evil department.  Along with that, Book 4, entitled “Heart of Deceit”, has been written and is currently in the editing stage, so the wait shouldn’t be long for it to be released (assuming no one else in my family has a heart attack.)

But for now, as I sit back and breathe a sigh of relief, I can’t help but feel thankful.  Life can be hard and stressful sometimes, and even though we’re busy and wanting to get things done, we can’t forget to take time out for the truly important things in life.  Sure, my book wasn’t published on time, but I got the opportunity to help care for family who needed my help, and that was filled with some happy times.  I also learned to not overdo it myself.  Stress can get the best of us if we aren’t careful, and though deadlines are important, we take a risk by putting of our health.  Publishing a book a month later won’t hurt me.  Eating unhealthy, not exercising, and skipping sleep can.

I hope you all have a wonderful week!  Don’t forget to check out “When Dreams Break”, now available in paperback on Amazon!  I’ll let you know when the Kindle version is released.

Thank you all for your encouragement, patience, and support!  It has been a source of great joy for me to write stories for you.