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Betty the Betta: A Limerick

Happy Tuesday!

Today’s poem is a limerick with the topic of “journey”.  I began working on this late last night after a long and busy day, so needless to say the only thing I could think about when creating a poem about “journeys” was how much I wanted to rest!  (This is why I should’ve waited to write the poem after I got some sleep, ha!)  Anyways, my betta fish Betty is the star of today’s poem, and this limerick is an ode to her simple and fun journey through life.

Betty the Betta

Betty the betta fish swims all day long,

Eating fish flakes, blowing bubbles in song.

Her worries are few

With nothing to do.

In her life, what could possibly go wrong?

Silly, I know!  That’s what I get for writing when I’m tired (ha!)  Tune in tomorrow for another poem!