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Ode to the Finished Book

It took much longer than expected, but I’m happy to announce that “Heart of Deceit” is finally finished!  (You can get the paperback here and the Kindle version here.)  My apologies that it took so long to complete.  The past few years have been full of hospitals, doctor visits, and caregiving, so needless to say family has been taking a higher priority at the moment.  But despite that, I didn’t forget about you, dear readers, and I’m still writing away!

In celebration of “Heart of Deceit” and its release, I decided to write a poem that will hopefully give you a good laugh as it did me.  Being a writer is full of twists and turns, and at the end of a story’s ride, you can’t help but be happy that it’s finally finished so that others can enjoy it.  🙂

Ode to the Finished Book

I set about to write a book

That’d grab my readers with a hook

With characters who laugh and cry

And plot lines that make them go, “Why?”

With pen and ink, my mission set,

I wrote until my eyes were wet.

Computer glare became my foe

And editing had caused me woe.

But in the end, my story worked!

I may have done a happy twerk.

This story took so long to write,

I thought I’d never see the light!

But hard work does a story good,

And without it, it never would.

My book is done and now complete!

I will now celebrate this feat.

But not too long!  My story waits.

The next book surely can’t be late!

Today: A Poem

I was thinking the other day about how quickly time flies.  It seems like just yesterday that my days were filled with school, playing on the playground, and discovering new things, and that was (gasp) twenty years ago!  I used to laugh when people would tell me that time seemed to go faster with every year you gain, and now that I’m in adulthood and getting older, I’m realizing how true that statement is.

Pretty soon, I’ll be in my 40’s…then 50’s…then 60’s.  In a blink I’ll be in my 80’s.

Then I’ll be looking back on the days I’m living now and go, “Wow…time flies by so fast.”

I think there’s a lesson in that, and too often we let it go ignored.

As I was thinking about how I spend my time, I was inspired to write a poem and had to write it down.  It really made me look back at the years I’ve had so far and wonder if my time was well spent or not.  Did I build relationships?  Love others?  Be kind and generous?  Or did I chase after frivolous and meaningless things?

Did I waste time, or did I use it wisely?  And how often do we ignore people or important things simply because “there’s not enough time”?


For the friend whose lips

That want you to listen…

There’s not enough time,

There’s not enough time.

For the lover’s eyes

That want yours to glisten…

There’s not enough time,

There’s not enought time.

For the kid whose hands

That want something to hold…

There’s not enough time,

There’s not enough time.

For the family’s heart

That begs warmth from cold…

There’s not enough time,

There’s not enough time.

The friend has drifted.

The lover’s moved on.

The kid is all grown.

The family’s gone.

The days are now passed.

Tomorrow’s today.

Time didn’t stand still

and nor will it stay.

How was it all spent?

In person?  Online?

Was there kindness?  Love?

Or something divine?

All that is left is

What’s yours and what’s mine.

But what can we do?

There is no more time.

Love Is


In celebration of Valentine’s Day, I thought I’d share a poem I wrote that was inspired by 1 Corinthians 13 in the Bible.  (If you’ve never read it before, you can read it here.  It’s an entire chapter dedicated to love.)  Whether you’re single or in a relationship (as love can be romantic or non-romantic), I hope that you all have the opportunity to celebrate the goodness of loving others not just on February 14, but every day of the year!

May your hearts always be overflowing with love.  🙂

Love Is…

Love is patient,

Love is kind,

Dwelling on the

Good in mind.

Does not envy,

Has no pride,

Honor you and

What’s inside.

Slow to anger

With clean slate,

Hold to good and

Never hate.

Bound in truth and

Trust in Him.

Light that shines will

Never dim.

Love protects us

And we trust

We’ll always hope

To stay just

Happy, joyful,

Faithful, free.

We call it love.

You…and me.

Tomorrow: A Sonnet

Happy Friday, everyone!

Tonight’s poem is a sonnet on the topic of “the future”.  As much as I’ve had to read and write poetry back in school, would you believe the sonnet was one I never had to write before?  (We did a lot of haiku and prose poetry, but never any sonnets or found poems.)  Anyways, I was *very* nervous about writing a sonnet and took a bit of time to research what exactly it entails.  I’m still unsure if I got it right, but hopefully it’s enjoyable regardless.  🙂  (Also…confession time.  I know I was supposed to use chiasmus in this poem, and I forgot.  I was too busy making banana chocolate chip bread and I had my mind on food and food on my mind.  Oops.)

Today is also the last day of the poetry class I’ve been enrolled in and I must say I’ve really enjoyed it.  I went from hating poetry to loving it and I’m sure you’ll find me posting more poems here in the future (maybe a sequel to “Ode to Yoga Pants”?)  Thank you to all who have been so supportive in reading my poetry and also a big thanks to Blogging U. and everyone involved in the Writing 201 course.  You all are awesome!

So onward to “Tomorrow”…


Sometimes I lie awake at night

wondering what lies ahead.

Tossing, turning on my bed

until the evening turns to light.

If only I had future-sight

so my worries could be shed.

Hope is what I need instead 

to keep my destiny in sight.

What the future days may hold,

I might not be able to see,

but in my hope, I must stay bold

to live quite happily.

Tomorrow’s future is untold.

What happens next?  We’ll see.

Home: A Found Poem

Happy Thursday!

Today’s poem is a found poem on the topic of “landscape”.  I decided to cut words out of my book, “Reign of Change“, to create a poem about the landscape in which I’m from.  I’ll admit there was a lot of digging through pages and cutting out tiny pieces of paper which resulted in a messy table, but I hope you enjoy the end result!  Since cut paper doesn’t translate well into typing, I took a picture of the found poem in its arrangement (apologies ahead of time for my not-so-good-photo-taking skills…)  Enjoy and stay tuned tomorrow for another poem!


Ode to Yoga Pants

Happy Wednesday, everyone!

Today’s poem is an ode on the topic of “something you’d find in a drawer”.  This topic brought to mind few options I could write an ode for, but I did find one thing I love – yoga pants!  And they are folded neatly in the bottom drawer of my dresser.  As a lady who is fond of comfortable clothes that fit just right, I don’t mind telling the world that I love my yoga pants!  I don’t just use them for yoga, but also for lounging around the house, doing chores, and (with the right outfit combination), wearing them out on the town.  So here is my silly ode to yoga pants.  Enjoy and stay tuned for tomorrow’s poem, a found poem!

Ode to Yoga Pants

Oh yoga pants that feel so good,

I’d wear them daily if I could.

Elastic waste that fits so smooth

Causes my soul to become soothed.

Unlike jeans that cut off my air,

Or shorts that cause people to stare,

Or leggings that bring out the bulge,

Or skirts that won’t let me indulge,

Yoga pants can bring comfort back

To fashion trends that sorely lack!

Oh yoga pants, how I love thee!

You make me so relaxed and free!

With your cotton sewn so right,

Never will my pants be tight.

If I bloat or if I lose,

You’ll be there preventing blues.

Because no matter what I wear,

I know forever you’ll be there

To make me beautiful and chic

And keep me comfy every week.

With Sound, My Fingers Dance: A Prose Poem

I have a few confessions to make.

One, today’s type of poem – prose poetry – is probably the most difficult for me to write.  I keep wanting to go in fiction-writing-mode (which is typically how I write creatively), and to add the rhythm of poetry to what I want to turn into a story is very, very difficult.

Two, today’s topic – fingers – threw me off.  What can you say about fingers aside from the obvious (they point at things…they’re extensions of our hands…)?  But then I got to thinking on what I use my fingers for.  Often times they are used to help me write by typing or they play a song by hitting keys on a piano.

So that brings me up to the poem.  It’s rather short as I didn’t have as much time I wanted to in creating it, but it is about playing the piano with my fingers and the beauty that music brings.  Unfortunately this one doesn’t rhyme, but I tried to make it artsy.  Enjoy and stay tuned for tomorrow’s poem, an ode!

With Sound, My Fingers Dance

Black and white keys within my sight.  My fingers tremble bearing down.  Sounds flow through the music within me.  Allegro!  Allegrissimo! Up and down my fingers doth dance to the sound of rhythms singing.  I’m spiraled to a world of peace, wings spread wide as I fly across land.  Oh spirit, rise and elevate, as the music lifts mind and heart.

Like water on the shores of home, my music takes me back in time.  With each note played comes memory; each scene becomes reality.  As my fingers dance with rhythm, I’m transported to a world full of life, color, and fantasy, where troubles disappear in mist.  All hurt is gone and peace is left – I am free to dance with music!